2020-2021 The Beatitudes

Virtual Sunday School Week 2

Session Two:

Scripture: Matthew 4:23–5:12

Objective: Participants will recognize the setting of the Sermon on the Mount and associate the title with the teachings of Jesus. They will become familiar with the structure of a beatitude, a blessing and a promise. They will apply the structure of a beatitude to everyday life, contemplating what areas of our lives seem mundane, unimportant, or unfortunate and how God might see those areas differently.


Each week you will be able to download and print off a coloring page and a Family Page. 

The coloring page has questions you can use to get a deeper understanding of the lesson as a family.

The Family page is a resource you can use with one another throughout the week.

If you have any trouble with the video or resources, if you would like to send us feedback or take pictures or videos of you and your family learning and growing together you can contact us at

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