2020-2021 Heros

Virtual Sunday School Week 15

Week 15

Scripture: Philippians 4: 6 and Genesis 37: 1-28 and 39-41

Objective: Today we are talking about Perseverance. We will look at the Bible story of Joseph. Perseverance means to keep working on something even it if is hard and to never give up. What does it mean to never give us? How is God with you through all things? When bad things happen to us it is easy to give up. But God is with us, watching over us and supporting us throughout our entire lives.


Each week you will be able to download and print off a coloring page.

The coloring page has questions you can use to get a deeper understanding of the lesson as a family.

If you have any trouble with the video or resources, if you would like to send us feedback or take pictures or videos of you and your family learning and growing together you can contact us at

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